L's Naturals
Angela Ford, Certified Aromatherapist




Please note that any information provided by L's Naturals,including essential  oil recipes are intended for educational purposes only . It's not our intentions to make any medical claims associated with the oils, and the information provided should not be used to replaced sound medical advice.



  •  Do Not Take oils internally(except by an medical practitioner)
  •  Keep all essential oil out of the reach of children and pets
  •  Do not get near eyes, if irritation occurrs discontinue use
  •  A skin patch test should be used if you've never used oils before
  •  Always dilute oils, 12-15 drops per ounce
  •  Use caution if pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage,hypertension or any other medical problem ,use oils only under the guidance of a medical practitioner
  • *****SAFETY FIRST******